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Revised Nistune boards being released
16th of July, 2015

We are phasing in updated boards which use newer components to address obsolesce issues with the 5 volt parts used on our current boards, which are being phased out by suppliers

Updated version boards will be rep...

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Nistune Feature Pack
26th of February, 2015

Feature Pack Rollout for core model Nissans with Nistune

Features Available in Feature Pack V1:
- Launch control
Fuel cut, and ignition timing retard functions triggered using either spee...

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Release 1.0 now available
30th of December, 2013

Grab version 1.0 from the Support > Downloads section!

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Boards added to order form
10th of December, 2013

Type 4 OBD-II boards (1995-96 A32 Maxima, 1996 Z32 300ZX, 1996 S14 KA24DE) are now available on our ordering page

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Nistune Type 5 and Type 4 OBD-II boards
23rd of September, 2013

Type 4 OBD-II board field testing has been completed. We will support 1995-1996 A32 Maxima, 1996 KA24DE and 1996 Z32 300ZX ECUs with this board (USDM based models). Pricing $300AUD RRP

Type 5 board field testing ...

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Updated Nistune Programmer software
31st of May, 2012

Workshops who use the Nistune base image programmer should download the latest NTProgCE 2.0 release. Improvements to the interface and communications with the programmer have been added

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More supported ECUs added
3rd of November, 2010

Added Y60 Patrol (TB42E) and Q45 Infiniti (VH45DE) 1990-1992 models to the Type 2 listing

Note that we do not support TB45DE ECUs as these do not facilitate a daughterboard

Later model Q45 Infiniti...

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Supported ECUs added
27th of October, 2010

P11 Primera SR20DE and later model K11 CG10DE/CG13DE ECUs have been added to the supported Type 4 board listings

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Nistune USB Base Image Programmers
23rd of September, 2010

We now have available new Nistune USB Base Image Programmers!

These will be a replacement for the previous printer port versions

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NIStune Type 3 Board
$260 AUD
$286 AUD (w/GST)
(Board only)

$340 AUD
$374 AUD (w/GST)
(Board, Fitting*)

$440 AUD
$484 AUD (w/GST)
(Board, Software)

$535 AUD
$588.5 AUD (w/GST)
(Board, Cable, Software)

$615 AUD
$676.5 AUD (w/GST)
(Board, Cable, Software, Fitting*)

Our NIStune Type 3 boards cover the following earlier consult vehicles:

• S13 180SX (SR20DET)
• S13 Silvia (SR20DE,DET)
• S13 240SX (KA24DE)
• U13 Bluebird (SR20DET)
• B13 Sentra/NX2000 (SR20DE)
• P10 Primera (SR20DE)
• J30 Maxima (VE30DE)
• S14 Silvia (SR20DET) [early model]
• N14/N15 Pulsar (SR18DE, SR20DE)
• RNN14 Pulsar (SR20DET)

Nistune uses a daughterboard for realtime tuning using a modified version of Nissan Consult. It provides faster transfer rates, realtime modification of maps, constants and tables using the NIStune software.

Provided with 40 pin header adaptor connector and instructions

Note: You will require consult cable to connect the laptop to your vehicle. Additionally tax, shipping and transaction fees may apply.

*Fitting requires posting the ECU to our PO Box in South Australia in which we will fit and test the Nistune board and return to you

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