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Web form / Email Contact:

I deal with a lot of enquiries which are covered in our FAQ and in our documentation. Before you contact me, read the FAQ here

Common questions: 

 1. Which board for your vehicle - Use the 'Find Vehicle' menu at the top of our website

 2. How much an item is - Use the 'Webshop' menu at the top of the website as prices are listed here

 3. Who can tune the board. We have a list of workshops here. If planning to tune yourself, see your FAQ here

 3. Disconnection Problems - Check out our communications and diagnostics guide here

 4. MAF problems - Such as when you get stalling on deceleration check here

 5. Tuning Problems - Record a log (CSV) file of the tuning issue and email with your tune (BIN) file, and a brief description of the problem

 6. Wiring issues - Consult an auto electrician. For MAF wiring information and wiring consult port, refer here

 Email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to attach files



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