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Feature Pack Firmware Upgrade
Feature pack upgrade
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Select this product to upgrade the firmware on your Nistune board to Feature Pack use the following features (where available). Your ECU will have its tune read out, the board removed and updated and then the original tune imported and ECU bench tested, prior to return postage


By selecting this item - you must send in your board (or board fitted to ECU) for reflashing using a base image programmer. Alternatively contact your local distributor to enquire about reflashing. Postage charges for return of your ECU or board will be added on checkout


Check the list of ECU part numbers below to see if your ECU is supported. If in doubt then contact us first with your ECU part number before ordering!



Features Available in Feature Pack V1: 

Launch control 
Fuel cut, and ignition timing retard functions triggered using either speed or clutch switch input 

Total injection multiplier 
Removes the need for rescaling load in the ECU to make tuning quicker and easier. Tune within factory load scales which resolves issues such as ECU holding onto closed loop when previously rescaling load ranges

Flex fuel support 
Adding full functionality flex fuel and timing maps, flex fuel and timing content trims, and temperature enrichment trim tables). Limited models only

Fan control adjustment 
Nissan ECUs which have adjustable fan output can now control the speed and temperature ranges that the fans are operated in. Limited models only

Minimum MAF voltage 
Some Nissan ECUs contain a minimum MAF voltage which is hard coded. Nistune now provides a parameter for these models to lower the MAF voltage when using aftermarket MAFs

Added VCT functionality 
Adding VCT solenoid functionality to existing ECU hardware, replacing the often unused EGR (Exhaust Gas Regulator) solenoid output. Limited models only

Enhanced tuning simplicity
Remove warm and cold start enrichment tables (only a single enrichment table is now used. Remove knock maps 
(for fuel, timing etc) 


ECU supported

If your ECU is not in the below list, then it is not supported. We are not planning to support any further models at this time

Type 1:
A31 RB20DET (11U0F for 72Lxx/73Lxx ECUs)
S13 CA18DET (36F0F, 39F0F, 44F0F)
VL RB30ET (B490F MT, B491F AT)
Z31 VG30ET (26P0F 1988 but should run on 1986-1987 ECUs too)

Type 2:
HCR32 RB20DET (11U0F plus RB25 VCT)
BNR32 RB26DETT (05U6F)
HCR32 RB20DET (11U0F)
Z32 VG30DETT (41P0F, 41P1F)
ECR32 RB25DE (08U0F)
M30 VG30E (F661F - No flex fuel)

Type 3:
B13 SR20DE (64Y0F, 67Y0F, 71Y0F - plus VCT output)
J30 VE30DE (17Y1F)
P10 SR20DE (70J0F, 70J1F)
RNN14 SR20DET (54C0F JDM, 69C0F EDM)
S13 SR20DET (50F0F, 50F1F)
S13 SR20DE (65F0F - plus VCT output)
S13 KA24DE (53F0F, 53F1F)
S14 SR20DET (74F0F/70J1F JDM, 75F0F/75F1F EDM)

Type 4:
S14A SR20DET (80F0F JDM, 82F0F/82F1F EDM, 83F0F/83F1F ADM)
S15 SR20DET (91F0F/91F1F JDM, 93F0F/93F1F ADM)
ER34 RB25DET (AA50F, AA51F, AA56F)
WC34 RB25DET (0V81F, 0V80F 2WD/4WD)
P11 SR20DE (J20F, 3J40F, 3J80F, 3J90F with VCT output)
Y33 VQ30DET (42P0F, 65P0F)
A32 VQ30DE (40U0F, 40U1F, 50U1F - No flex fuel)
1995 S14 KA24DE (72F0F - No flex fuel)
1996/97 B14 SR20DE (1M86x, 1M87x - No flex fuel)
1995 P10 G20 SR20DE (0J20F, 0J60F, 0J61F - No flex fuel)

Type 5:
B13 GA16DE (81R0F [81R00, 81R05] - No flex fuel)


More Information:

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