News & Developments

Revised Nistune boards being released
16th of July, 2015

We are phasing in updated boards which use newer components to address obsolesce issues with the 5 volt parts used on our current boards, which are being phased out by suppliers

Updated version boards will be rep...

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Nistune Feature Pack
26th of February, 2015

Feature Pack Rollout for core model Nissans with Nistune

Features Available in Feature Pack V1:
- Launch control
Fuel cut, and ignition timing retard functions triggered using either spee...

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Release 1.0 now available
30th of December, 2013

Grab version 1.0 from the Support > Downloads section!

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Boards added to order form
10th of December, 2013

Type 4 OBD-II boards (1995-96 A32 Maxima, 1996 Z32 300ZX, 1996 S14 KA24DE) are now available on our ordering page

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Nistune Type 5 and Type 4 OBD-II boards
23rd of September, 2013

Type 4 OBD-II board field testing has been completed. We will support 1995-1996 A32 Maxima, 1996 KA24DE and 1996 Z32 300ZX ECUs with this board (USDM based models). Pricing $300AUD RRP

Type 5 board field testing ...

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Updated Nistune Programmer software
31st of May, 2012

Workshops who use the Nistune base image programmer should download the latest NTProgCE 2.0 release. Improvements to the interface and communications with the programmer have been added

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More supported ECUs added
3rd of November, 2010

Added Y60 Patrol (TB42E) and Q45 Infiniti (VH45DE) 1990-1992 models to the Type 2 listing

Note that we do not support TB45DE ECUs as these do not facilitate a daughterboard

Later model Q45 Infiniti...

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Supported ECUs added
27th of October, 2010

P11 Primera SR20DE and later model K11 CG10DE/CG13DE ECUs have been added to the supported Type 4 board listings

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Nistune USB Base Image Programmers
23rd of September, 2010

We now have available new Nistune USB Base Image Programmers!

These will be a replacement for the previous printer port versions

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NIStune is a real-time tuning suite designed especially for Nissans which provides the ability to:

• Retune factory Nissan Engine Control Units (ECU)
• Monitor gauges and map tracing on your ECU
• Data log from your ECU using consult, wideband and auxiliary inputs
• Perform playback using graphs, gauges and map tracing

Our System Provides:

• Connectivity for up to two emulators simultaneously (Pocket Romulator and Moates Ostrich)
• Loads and Saves files in regular and odd/even formats for chip burning (EPROM/FLASH)

• Real time tuning, map tracing, logging and

• Full Log Recording for all NIStune ECUs

• Wideband can also be recorded inline with
   consult data and played back.

• Map and table copy feature

• Completely editable multi window grid,
   map/table views

• Resize injectors and change AFM

• AFR and auxillary input trace against RPM
   and load

• Consult display capabilities with real time
   diagnostic information in separate windows

• Dual channel Wide Band support

• Edit five ROM images simulatenously, with
   comparison capabilities

• Intelligent display tables decoded for easy

• Real time RAM monitoring system

• Hardware and software installation guides
   and manuals provided

What does this mean for a vehicle owner?

You can fit a real-time daughter board to your factory ECU and turn it into a fully remappable ECU, which makes it tuneable similar to aftermarket systems for a fraction of the price. This allows you to fit larger injectors, larger Mass Airflow Meters and get your ECU tuned for these and fuel and ignition changes. You can either tune it yourself or have it professionally tuned by one of our listed workshops.

What does it mean for workshops?

Once a customers vehicle has a NIStune board installed, the customer can drive in, you do the tune, flash in the change and they drive out. Your laptop simply plugs into the ECU directly via USB (for early model vehicles) or into the vehicle diagnostic port (for later model vehicles) using a Nissan Consult cable.

Tuning provides real time modification whilst the vehicle is running, with all changes immediately updated. Wideband feedback and other auxiliary inputs can be monitored on an internal display and traced against fuel and timing map scalings.